Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheaper Than Dirt GUNS!


Bill.Maples said...

Texas Proud!
No commie socialist crap down here. Take responsibility for yourself and stop living off your parents.

JessCowgirl said...

Hey Bill, thanks for watching. You may not have seen our other videos- but we were just visiting family for the holiday (and getting stuck in airports!). You can check out our other videos and see our house, animals, and life in NC that we have built without living off our parents!

tess said...

Yes Bill,
As one of the parent set, I can assure you there is no living off parents going on here or support other than moral support!

Just backing JessCowgirl up!

Kasey Wilson said...

Matt, how I miss you good sir!

Hope you all are doing well.

p.s. I should have an xbox soon here in Canadia so you, Jared and I should play online when that happens.

Anonymous said... - it's a website that sells guns...and ammo, but I get the irony. Texas...guns...yea. Ha. ha. ha.