Saturday, January 9, 2010

New semester prep, GRE, and Asheville day

Realized we haven't posted since Christmas- but now is as good a time as any since I'm in a parking lot, on "borrowed" WiFi, waiting for Matt to finish his GRE.

Today we slept a little late, ate scrambled eggs, toast, and veggie sausage links. We then drove carefully down our occasionally icy road and then started cruising on the highway towards Asheville to get Matt to his testing center and for me to attend my last orientation day for my Bachelors of Nursing degree program. As we've mentioned before, this is really the last semester for both of us to finish up Bachelor degrees, and we'll enter our respective Masters programs in August. So it's almost like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Only to enter another tunnel soon after.

To celebrate, we're going to see Avatar in 3D, eat Indian food, and look for warm running pantalones (they may even be frijoles pantalones...). Tomorrow night we're going skiing at Sapphire Valley, NC and Matt will teach me on the bunny slopes. We've got just a dusting of snow at the crapshack that creates a nice wintry effect, and the chickens are again scared to leave the coop.

Not only because of the snow, but they also fear for their lives since a red-tailed hawk took up residence not too far away. Thing 2 was unceremoniously murdered, with Shoemaker taking one for the team before getting away. We called the vet about her injury, and short of putting Neosporin on it and "keeping her out of the dirt" (on a chicken that adores dust baths? Impossible...) there's not much we can do. So send well healing wishes for her little leg, and hopefully she can grown some feathers back on that little drumstick of hers.

There have been few adventures, other than training for the Flying Pig Marathon and the fact that LEAF tickets are already on sale for May. There may be some contra dancing this Thursday, so if any friends in the Asheville area want to join me at the Old Farmer's Ball, I would love the company to drive that night.

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