Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Deck, Part 4

May 16th saw some amazing deck action. You can see post notches holding the (now permanent) frame. There is a slight lip to accept the outer band board, making it doubled. Daryl did some nice cutting and there will be a slight overlap of the outer board, creating a nice looking shadow.
And the posts in their bases. This process was frustrating, time consuming, with what appears to be little progress. But you have to measure, cut, and notch the post. Then you attach the post with temporary nails. Then you place it, get it plumb and level, mark the base, and then TAKE IT BACK OFF! Then you drill holes in the concrete, place the post with concrete anchors, attach the post, RElevel and REplumb the post, then attach it to the frame and secure the post base with nails. Whew! I've done it 11 times, so I think I know the procedure pretty well by now.

And onto sexier deck aspects...because who cares about posts and notches? Well, I do because we worked so hard on them! But here was the results of Matt and Daryl's labors. JOISTS! with JOIST HANGERS! All squared and leveled! I do have to say, this got us pretty excited.

A view of the whole deck- there is now a framed in corner from the porch, not there previously. With joists on half and many, many notched posts.

Again, like peanut butter loves jelly--- Shadowfax loves dirt. Interestingly, instead of being skittish with all the power tools and strangers, she is joining us for most of the day while we work outside.

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