Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deck, Part 7

May 19th. It's a ghost! on the deck! No, it's only bridge boards along the entire length to shore up the floor joists. They're all strong enough to walk on now.

Here's a view of the entire framing job. All but one joist is in, to leave room for Verizon to bury the phone cable. If they don't show up early enough tomorrow, they'll be climbing in under the floor.

Because check it out....Deck boards. On the framing. Making a floor to walk on. And looking very deck-like.

We have the walkway almost entirely covered- we just need a 5/8" strip cut with table saw to fill in the small gap. Oh, and the digging is never over. We just keep going and going.

My feet! On the deck! I think my toes smiled a little bit- but maybe just because they were happy to be out of stinky work boots.

Tomorrow Daryl is coming over before going out of town. The goal is to have enough deck boards laid in order to have the outdoor table, chair, and umbrella up for my birthday dinner. Wish us luck!

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