Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More digging, garden, and first harvest

Another busy day! We overcame one of the obstacles mentioned in the past post. We were able to beast the gigantic rock out, but are not yet able to move it beyond it's current location. After watching some This Old House webcasts on removing boulders, we were ready to rent an diesel-powered air compressor with a steel carbite bit (all spoken in a great Boston accent to mimic Roger Cook) to start jackhammering away, but with some shovels and determination we were able to get it out on our own.

And on another note- instead of muddy slop, here are some photos of green things growing. The garden is doing well this year. We started an early spring crop. Here are the broccoli, garlic, lettuce and tarragon. The bell pepper plants have only been in a few days as a later planting.
Broccoli, more bell peppers and lettuce (in movable containers to chase the shade and cooler weather- hoping to have lettuce even when the tomatoes come in).

Broccoli, spinach, radishes, sugar snap peas.

The strawberry bed, with onions, broccoli and a few sweet potato plants in the background.

And our high rise, with: sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes (as markers) and parsnips (slow to germinate)

The first harvest of the year, some fine looking savoy spinach to go in a delicious chickpea curry.


tess said...

Wow, you have certainly proved the "This Old House" group what the grit and tenacity of a Midwestern Gal and a Texas Fella can do without super carbide stuff!

Garden looks great - but where is the beautiful bounty that Jessica recently had in her arms??????

tess said...

... I meant the bounty of asparagus in Jess' arms.

JessCowgirl said...

All I got was a "Thanks for dinner!" On a better note, I think I've finally overcome the mortal embarrassment and can finally drive past the aforementioned patch without sinking a little lower in my seat.

tess said...

An unforgettable adventure beats an armful of asparagus any day of the week. . . I think Buddha may have said that or maybe it was George Burns. . . one or the other.