Monday, December 6, 2010

Foot Washing Baptist?

It is Saturday night in small town Sylva. What do you do? Well, anybody who's anybody goes to Dodie's Auctions.  Check out our youtube channel.


Anonymous said...

eyes never knowed no baptist that warshed any toes hurt just thinking abouts it.

that doaten dotie...shes my new bff, what girl

did shes says it were made of holly wood or that it was made in hollywood?

who drives the victory wagon?

Jess and Matt said...

Ha, that Dotie is awesome.
She says Olive wood, it is made of olive wood.

Thanks for watching.

tess said...

Oh how I miss Dodie -

They broke the mold when they made her. If you EVER pass through Western NC and do not go to her auctions - well that is on you!

I've been to her auctions and they are always like this. She will look at something to see where it comes from and think it is going to be 'good' and then find out it is well - not and then report it as 'imported'.

Her lovely assistants can be seen wearing hats, aprons (if they can get them on) or what ever else is for sale.

When you walk away, you NEED to buy someting even if it is so you can remember the night of Dodie, her handsome assistants, hotdogs, coca cola and the smell of popcorn in the air.

This is real old fashioned fun!

P.S. Just be careful on how you bid on postcards. . .
If she puts a bunch up there, you are bidding for your pick - not the whole bunch.