Friday, December 17, 2010

The Pooper Show

The Pooper is already exhibiting the Kirby Curse by Dodging, Diving, Ducking, and Dodging all over the place for the ultra sound. 
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Kristin said...

So are you calling the Pooper "he" because you think you saw junk or was it just coincidence in the beginning?? What color are you painting the room? Glad the big anatomy u/s went well... that's a relief! :)

JessCowgirl said...

No, like David (the OB) we just refer the Pooper as "he" as a default. Everyone has their opinion of what kind of junk the Pooper has. The only thing we know is that it won't be a puppy. (which is kind of a disappointment).

tess said...

Benjamin and I are weighing in and saying we think FEMALE.

We are ready to put our longstockings where our guess is.

We researched ultrasounds and believe now we know enough to be dangerous and have a dangerously educated guess of 'Female'

We agree with that the puppy rule out is a good call - although Benjamin states his results come with a 2% plus/minus margin of error (on the puppy only)

On the call of female, we are both in agreement and putting all our chips on Pips!

Nana and Uncle can't decide his name