Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey! We want your input!

So, as many of you may know- we've been talking about goats for some time now. We have some space- but not a lot- to pasture them, and our main goal is to milk. After some research, we've found what we think may be a solution.

Introducing...The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Photo courtesy:

All grown up they look more like this:

Photo courtesy:

So, if our thinking is correct:
Step 1: fence in area
Step 2: build goat house
Step 3: get some goats (a doe and a wether to keep each other company)
Step 4: get said doe pregnant
Step 5: kid some baby goats
Step 6: wean baby goats and sell them
Step 7: Build a miking stand, milk Mama goat, and enjoy the fruits of our labors...
Step 8: Repeat from step 4

I think in between some of these steps there will be: catch goats that get out of the fence, figure out a handy watering system, make a secure food storage area, expand goat area because we'll end up keeping more goats around, and take lots of photos of our adventure along the way.


tess said...

I need more infor before input is possible.

So what is your timeline for this?

After the baby is born, before?

JessCowgirl said...

We haven't committed to anything yet- but we're thinking having the fencing and goat house finished "BP"- before Pooper. And then getting the goats when we feel like we may be ready. If our female kidded, we would ideally milk and then bottle feed the kids so they would be more human friendly. I figured while I'm nursing, Matt could have his own project? :)

tess said...

My suggestion would be to wait AP just to see how things go and to see how the workload is with baby, work, gardening, current animal care, etc.

That's my input. If you find that there is as much time as you thought, then start up the fence.

As for what Matt can be doing while you nurse, he was awfully good with that nursing pump in a scary creepy kind of way.