Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holidays Suck....

when you are traveling by air. Holy cow, we arrived at my brother's house in Dallas 30 hours late due to fog. I don't know where the fog was, but it delayed us in Chicago over night. I don't want to get into all the mayhem that we went through to get to Texas, but I would like to touch on a few highlights.
First, Chicago ticket agents (one in particular) love to blame you for things that are not your fault. She also likes to yell at people and talk down to them like they were stupid. She was so delightful. I just sat there, waiting for a flight that she and I knew Jess and I were not getting on, thinking of annoying questions to ask just to make her day. Who knows, the Shadow does, she might have her own blog in which she posts "The Stupid Questions Air Travelers Ask." Anyways it became a sort of cat and mouse act she and I were participating in. I would ask where the restroom is and then not go. I would ask her which is better MacDonalds flurries or DQ Sundays. She had no clue what DQ was. She was very helpful in explaining to me how the airport does not pay for hotels when weather is the cause for the cancelation. That was a very elegant exchange of dialogue.
Second, if you chose to "opt out" of the X-RAY scan at security, be prepared to have it announced to everyone. Also the quintessential eye roll that tells you, you have made my day - thanks. We tried to explain to them that Jess was pregnant, but that does not seem to stop the red carpet treatment for throwing a wrench in a gimped up system.
I asked the guy feeling me up if he had caught any terrorist. He said no, but he did catch a guy sneaking a whole tube of toothpaste in his underwear. That man, the groper, he saved the day that day. He, he is like a fireman that saves the day today, bless him, bless them all.

So we are back. We sure do love being home. Travel is exciting and often vacations attack like this one, but getting home - nothing like it in all the world.

Guess what, we have book flights to got to San Francisco and Vermont after the Pooper is born. I guess we will never learn. No place like home, no place like home.

In a couple of weeks we will have some new chickens to introduce to the blog. We need to come up with more comet names since they are all Golden Comets. Any suggestions?

We have also decided to pursue getting a goat or two. We do not have a time line for this, but hopefully once spring is here.

Okay that is all for now. Cannot wait to get the garden up and running again. I dislike buying store food.

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tess said...

Ah air travel. . . isn't it the best. The best part in living in living near trains is . . . well using them and not using airplanes unless you have to.

No security except friendly bomb sniffing adorable labradors that sit off quietly to the side that you know will, as labs do, come to the rescue if needed.

You are so right about those ticket agents. They do not care or pretend to care.

As for our fellow stranded souls, I thought we were all in this together in the kum ba ya sense. . . by the time I turned to hold their hand, they had their next flight scheduled and a night in a hotel.

So it was just us together on the floor sleeping in Detroit airport grime wondering where it had all gone wrong. . .

sad, sad, sad....