Saturday, January 1, 2011

Typical Day in the Life

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tess said...

Farmer Matt,
You need a name for the farm supply place. The absence of a rolling of your tongue name is not indicative of your true 'farm prowress and knowledge' and honestly no one ever knows what those places are called anyway.

If you call it by its' rightful name, I think the other farmers make fun of you when you leave while they spit, so . . . work on a shorthand name to work up your farm cred.

Would have like to have seen more footage of the 'hellhounds' they looked pretty friendly, but looks are deceiving. Where we live, the closest we have is an ancient poodle across the street and his owner walks him and when people draw near he picks up the dog and puts his hands across the poodles eyes so it can't see the people.

It's a mystery what he would do if the blindfold hand weren't put up there. Maybe he is a cujodoodle - you know instead of labradoodle, he is cujo+ poodle.

Anyway, next time we request more action hellhound footage.

A Fan