Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lets Get Some


Joe Kennedy said...

You folks remind me of my wife and I. Same conflicts. Plugged in or not? Pursue capitalism or not? etc...Modern society demands that unless you sacrifice all those amenities and pursuits you can't live independently as an earth loving human. So we compromise and try to balance. Until the cheap energy runs out anyhow...we can rely upon our insticts however. Mine say we need to be prepared to transition back to a more earthly existence or else suffer the consequences of ignoring the entire planet.

jlr said...

a) I love your videos. They make me laugh a lot!

b) I think a little technology will be fine for the Pooper, especially since y'all garden, raise chickens and wabbits and hike a lot. The Pooper will be getting plenty of the natural life.

c) everytime I watch your videos, I think to myself "Yup, that's why the Cowjurl married him!"