Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pooper's first soakers

In preparation for the Pooper, there have been more wooly and soft things being created at the Kirby CrapShack, too. The Pooper will need more than new African slate tile and grout. The Pooper needs a shed! But, for real. We decided that we are going to commit to cloth diapering, especially when we're home close to the washing machine. We have a stash of prefolds, Snappis, BestBottom diapers with inserts, and most recently: handknit wool soakers. According to my research, wool is a great natural fiber to clothe your babe in. Breathable, and with lanolin- natural waterproofing and neutralizes urine. So I've been enjoying the process of decking out the "layette" with hand knit goods.

Here's the Pooper's first hat and a tiny soaker with a onsie from Nana:
Here's a cool pair of pantalones with a favorite onsie find from the Dollar Store:

Mixing up the animal references: we have a Turtle Butt soaker and a monkey onsie (again, courtesy of Nana):
Two soakers in small and medium.. I like the contrasting colors, and am planning the oatmeal with a hand-dyed brown yarn, with some owl cables over the bum:

And finally, a teeny tiny soaker that will probably only fit for a day of the Pooper's life. But I figured just in case this kiddo comes out only 5 pounds, we needed something small enough:

More than soakers, the Pooper will be the inspiration for many sweaters, currently a blanket is in the works, and booties and socks. Knitting stuff for little tiny ones is pretty fun- and instantly gratifying!

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