Friday, June 3, 2011

First Concert Crap Shack Style


tess said...

Had trouble seeing the video - what is that thing he does???

We want to know?

JessCowgirl said...

So, I guess it looks like the Pooper just sits really still and looks cute. But really, he's able to track our fingers and even moves his head on his own to follow a moving target. I guess there is a technical difficulty with the YouTube. We'll try again soon in another vlog.

The Applebys said...

Hey guys! Samwise already looks bigger! Let me know if you want/need any more clothes as he continues to outgrow sizes... my sister found out she's having a girl... and Preston was 14#14oz. at his 2 month check-up last Friday (I know, he's a PIG!!). Wanna go to the concert at WCU together Thursday? Give us a call if you're interested :)