Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Solo Hike With The Pooper


tess said...

You asked for ideas so here they come.

First an observation -
What a great Dad you are!

Now on to the ideas -

1. Sleep when Samwise sleeps; right next to him when you can. These moments are so 'precious and few' and twelve hours is a long stretch for any Mom or Dad with a new baby - take it easy when YOU can. Same goes for Jessica.

2. Is there any place cooler than the hardware store or the farm supply store? On a hot day, take him in there and talk to him about all the cool stuff in there and have buy a Sarsaparilla at the farm supply and drink it slowly on the front steps (and then recycle the bottle of course). The hardware store in Sylva has an amazing vintage comic book section.

3. Watch a John Wayne movie with him when it is really hot and you need to stay in. Chism is the recommendation from this house as a good first before he is 3 months old - great intro song for you to sing during your 'consoler in chief' role.

4. On your hikes or just on a flower picking stroll - pick some wildflowers for the table for when Jessica comes home or for her desk at work.

5. Sylva and Waynesville are both good walking towns and there is great coffee shop in Sylva right now when I think Sam would like the 'idea' of the brew there. There is a nice couch for you to sit down on in the cool and they make a great smoothie if you need one. They even have some kids toys there (for Samwise to look forward to playing with when he gets older!)

6. As you know, a photographer's eye finds the picture anywhere. If Asheville is too far - stay in Sylva and Waynesville but keep taking those beautiful pictures.

7. Last but not least, make sure you tell him how great his Nanna is. That will keep you really busy ;-)

8. Stay away from old crotchedy men - no matter which nasty definition is true - steer clear.


Phyllis said...

Samwise is such a lucky fellow to have parents that love the outdoors. The world you are introducing him to will be a source of comfort for all of his life.
Happy Hiking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas. I am not a super fan of John Wayne, but I do like spaghetti westerns like "The Outlaw Josie Wales" so maybe we will watch those and Kung Fu movies, cause those are awesome too.
Keep commenting on our blog and sending more ideas on what to do with Samwise.