Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pooper's first plane trip!

Long ago, when we were pregnant with The Pooper (whose name was still unknown), we decided we were going to commit to travel to California for a wedding of an old friend of mine. We didn't know how old the Pooper would be, what kind of baby he would be, or how we would be holding up as new parents.

Since then we've waffled- should we go? Should we cancel and stay home? We decided to just make it work. So we are headed out, into the wild blue yonder. Wish us luck, and hopefully- with some wifi we can keep you all updated on our trip to San Francisco, the Pacific ocean, and a beautiful wedding!


Annie said...

So cool that you guys are doing this! We hope you have a wonderful trip and yay for Samwise for going on his first cross-country trip!!

Kristin said...

Hope it's all going well! Can't wait to see pictures!