Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where have we been?

Buried under this pile of graduate school, unfortunately. Between Matt's classes, graduate assistantship, and practicum...and Jess's full time work, 2 online classes, and a Pooper...
It is suddenly almost March. And we need to start the seedlings! And we need to prepare the beds (well...Samwise and Jess did some of that during the warm spell. Samwise really takes after his namesake and loves crawling in the freshly turned soil.)

We're soaking up the parenting- watching this little person navigate the world. Just a few weeks ago he would pull up. then BOOM. fall over, right on his big baby head. Now he pulls up, does a little dance, switches off hands to balance, then gets back on his knees to make it to the next dangerous activity. He's Mr. Independent (when it comes to food)- doesn't want you to feed him most times. He wants to do it HIMSELF. But then most other times he comes scooting over to your legs while your trying to wash the mountain of dishes in the sink and tugs at your pant legs and makes your heart get all smooshy.

So, we've set some attainable goals for each day that we're home with the Pooper so as to keep CPS at bay from charging us as hoarders (in our 900 square foot house).

1. Make the bed (simple enough)
2. Clean the dishes in the sink (a little more demanding)
3. Try to do a load of laundry. (not too bad). Put it away (the kicker- the hardest part of laundry)
4. Sweep the floor, or put a swifter on Samwise to pick up the dog hair.
5. Feed the animals (dogs, rabbits, chickens, Samwise). The fun part is collecting the eggs. Of the chickens, not the dogs.

To make laundry more enticing, we got some new laundry machines. We got tired of making the sign of the cross over our old machine every time we threw in a load of diapers. Who wants to deal with a broken washer with a load of dirty cloth diapers? Not this CrapShack...

Speaking of diapers- the cloth diapering is still going strong. We've meant to put up a post to detail our process, as when we were planning, we read up on the system other people use and have tailored our own to work for us. Maybe during mid semester break?

Tell us what you're up to, friends, family, and blog readers!


tess said...

Good to hear a summation and it is plenty - more than plenty to be doing.

I like the list - like it a lot. Plan to make my own simple list also - it's on my list to make it today.

Too true about putting away laundry being the kicker. If it would magically put itself away - all done.

We have been up to packing, assessing our worldly goods and whether they deserve to be packed in a box and/or moved in a U-Haul. Some tough choices to make. We've also been signing paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork to finish the house purchase.

That and work and far too much work travel keeping us apart. Weekends are precious.

Love the pictures of the farmer.

JessCowgirl said...

The daily checklist has been working well for us. Keeps things from hitting the point of no return.

So excited for you and the new home!