Saturday, May 17, 2008

Date Night

Ben's out for the weekend, so it's date night for us. After a 7 mile hike to the top of Jackson County, we decided to be healthy and bad at the same time. Hence the salad and the creme brulee. We're getting ready and excited about our Colorado trip and took our full day packs to get a feel for 3 liters of water and the 10 essentials. The pups came with us and did remarkably well-- poor Shadowfax at one point refused to go any further until we took the pack off of her and got her in the cold running creek. Since she still has remnants of the dense undercoat, we need to keep hydration and keeping cool at the front of our minds.

Today during the hike we got inspired (aka crazy) and started talking about training for a marathon together. Our last attempt was botched by Nico's accident and subsequent surgery, so the process of thinking of cities and which kind--trail vs. road is being considered.

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