Monday, June 16, 2008

Yay for porch-sittin' time!

It's summertime here, and with no air conditioning, we find ourselves spending more and more time on the breezy porch. Kristen and Russ came over for dinner (when we ate our lettuce, radishes and had rosemary potatoes from the garden) and we had the table outside because it was about a bajillion degrees in the kitchen. We've since left it out, and added some more comforts (a ceiling fan, citronella paraphanalia, and an Ikea chair) to make our porch just about the greatest place to spend your summer if you're every in Western North Carolina.

The rug really ties the room together
Sunday Lunch
It looks like I have a hairy pegleg. I think it's Nico

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The Applebys said...

Dude!! You're right :)